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Find the most frequently asked questions here. If you still have unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us; we will be happy to assist you. We strive to answer all emails on the same day, Monday through Friday.

One (1) year parts and labor on manufacturing defects. Shipping costs excluded. See owner's manual for full terms and conditions.

  • Always start by loading the bikes onto the rack from right (passenger side) to left (driver side).
  • Make sure to distribute the weight of the bikes evenly on both sides of the rack.
  • Place the rear wheel towards the rack.
  • With knees bent and back straight, bend over and place your left hand on the rear frame triangle and your right hand on the fork.
  • Then lift the bike and guide the handlebars into the bracket.
  • Drop the handlebars into the bracket and let go of the bike.
  • Make sure the handlebars are securely in place.
  • Next, take an elastic strap (supplied), thread it through the main frame and hook it over the 2 openings on the paperclip.
  • Make sure the strap is sufficiently taut so that the bike stays in place and doesn't swing to one side or the other. If necessary, pull the elastic strap all the way around the frame before attaching it.
  • Move on to the next bike and repeat the same steps.

See your owner's manual for more information.

Yes, but only the T2 (2-bike) rack is available with a foot compatible with a 1.25-inch trailer hitch. However, always check that your trailer hitch has the required capacity before using the rack.

The Panache Rack is tested with different types of aluminum and carbon bicycles over thousands of test cycles and kilometers of road before being sold.

Like all other bike racks on the market, the Panache Rack can leave marks on the mounting points/zones.

In the case of the Panache, these are located on the bike's handlebars. Depending on the material and the quality of the paint, these marks may become more or less pronounced over time.

However, no structural damage has ever been observed with the handlebars and bikes tested.

The Panache mount has been recommended by the bicycle manufacturers contacted as suitable for carbon frame bicycles.