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verified customer

Charles Lafontaine

Excellent service from A to Z! Easy online ordering, fast delivery time and totally successful compatibility with my vehicle. A great team awaits you on site if you make the spoon locally 🙂. With its ultra-solid construction and simplistic design, I'm more than satisfied with my new 100% Québécois bike rack!

verified customer

Philip Henderson

Very good quality rack with a nice powder coat finish. Easy-to-install and friendly customer service. If you’re in the market for a vertical rack, please consider this product which is also available in a 6-up version. Bonus: there’s a hidden beer can holder integrated in the design!

verified customer

Darwin Paras

Very amazing customer service! They're really willing to help you out when you have questions!

verified customer

Sébastien Perron

Wow, great company from Sherbrooke. I have to say the service was A1. I was explained how to install it, carry it, what to buy to ensure the safety of my bikes. As a bonus, visit the shop with people who have a smile on their faces ;)!!!!!